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ARORAH Air Freshener/Pillow Mist Hotel Scents For Car/Room/Office

ARORAH Air Freshener/Pillow Mist Hotel Scents For Car/Room/Office

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SENSORY STIMULATING BLEND: Let the hints of Hotel Scents relax you, while memories of vacations past are awoken thanks to this sensory stimulating blend.


UNIQUE BLEND: To take advantage of its many benefits, simply spray 5-6 generous fine mists into your choosing space and watch as your house becomes a home. Have a larger room you want to scent? Spray as much as you like - what you’re putting into the air is equally as environmentally friendly as it is fragrant.


CRAFTED WITH CARE - Unlike mass-produced, our Arorah spray is blended using top-grade All natural ingredients. our scented spray Products go through inspections to ensure its long lasting best quality scents.


SPRAY IT EVERYWHERE! - Our Arorah spray is not just for rooms and linens, it’s also great for your car or office. It works perfectly for your closet and bedding.


5-STAR HOTEL EXPERIENCE: So check in, and check out. Take some time for you, and create your own hotel experience wherever you are. Best of all, there’s no jet lag.

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