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ARORAH 120g CRYSTAL Mineral Unscented Deodorant Stick

ARORAH 120g CRYSTAL Mineral Unscented Deodorant Stick

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100% NO NASTY CHEMICALS. Rock crystal deodorant stick made of crystallized natural mineral salts. NO aluminum, paraben, gluten, chemicals, oils, perfumes, emulsifiers or any animal products.

DOES NOT CLOG PORES, NO RESIDUE. This salt stick deodorant crystal stops body odor before it starts by killing bad odor-causing bacteria; unlike most commercial deodorants which only cover up the odor.

NON-STICKY and DOES NOT STAIN. Does not contain clothes-staining dyes and dries immediately. Aluminum free deo stick for women and teens with sensitive skin.

24-HOUR PROTECTION. An invisible protective layer of salt from this rock deodorant crystal will prevent odor-causing bacteria from growing on your skin. No surprises so you can stay confident!

EASY TO USE and ECONOMICAL. This unscented deodorant crystal will last over a year of daily use. Can also be used for foot odor.

Caution : Do not apply on an open wound

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