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ARORAH Elegant Tower Pillar Scent Diffuser Aroma Nebulizer With Smart App Control

ARORAH Elegant Tower Pillar Scent Diffuser Aroma Nebulizer With Smart App Control

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Product Name : Arorah Elegant Tower Pillar Scent Diffuser 
Product size : 103 * 238mm
Electric Voltage : DC12V±5%≤1A Power : ≤12W
Coverage : 150m2(WIFI)
Oil consumption : 1.5ml/hA±5%(continuous diffuse)
Oil Tank Capacity : 100ml Noise : ≤40dB
Color Option : Black Material : Aluminum Alloy
Application area : Home/Leisure place/Office
Application Area: This device is suitable for use in various settings such as beauty salons, yoga studios, SPA health clubs, leisure centers, plant-filled home environments, offices, bedrooms, bathrooms, hotel lobbies, and clubs.

Appearance: The device incorporates nano scale atomization technology and features a unique design with a delicate appearance and it includes an intelligent control system that allows users to adjust the intensity and duration of its operation.

Features and Advantages: The device utilizes German Seiko Technology and features an extreme fog atomizing nozzle. It can be placed or affixed to any location.

Fine-Mist Diffusing Technology: The device employs Gas-Liquid Separation technology, which enables the diffusion of very fine mist without leaving any residue of oils or water around the device. In contrast, other humidifiers or oil diffusers may cause surfaces to become wet.

Wi-Fi App Control: The device can be controlled remotely via a free app called "Smart fragrance", which is available for both IOS and Android systems. Once the app is linked to the scent diffuser machine, users can control and change its operating mode from anywhere. Additionally, the app includes an oil consumption indicator that notifies users when the machine requires a refill.

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