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ARORAH Before And After Poo Toilet Spray 50ml

ARORAH Before And After Poo Toilet Spray 50ml

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How to use : Spray 10-15 times directly at toilet bowl.

NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW - Spritz the bowl and no one else will ever know. This toilet spray eliminates odor before it begins by creating an odor trapping barrier on the surface of the water. You can now leave the bathroom completely worry-free and odorless. This spray is not only for the bathroom, but you can also use to fight strong laundry, nursery, and trash bin odors, too. Awesome!

TRAVEL-FRIENDLY - Arorah After Poo Toilet Spray comes in a compact and discreet leak-proof & spill proof bottles. It could fit your handbag, travel luggage, and even your pocket. This is a must-have on your toiletries list. With our travel sized bottles, you can just take it along with you and it will give you the confidence to visit the public restroom when nature calls.

GREAT FRAGRANCES - Lavender Rain cuts the strong odors and leaves a mildly sweet aroma behind. The Lemon toilet spray is made of natural ingredients, uplifting blend of citrus fruits and natural essential oils. Fresh Cotton has a soft & subtle powdery scent just like a cleaned cotton linen. Choose your scent, whatever you're in the mood for. These fragrances will stop embarrassing bathroom odors.

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