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ARORAH F80 Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser Smart App Control Nebulizer

ARORAH F80 Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser Smart App Control Nebulizer

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Mid Range Up To 450m2 & 150ml Bottle Capacity

sg-11134202-23010-qylin0y7pwlvdcsg-11134202-23010-cihnb7y7pwlve7 APP : Greenair Language : English Product Features

1.WIFI phone APP remote control

2.Cold nano atomization technology

3.Timer program

4.Fragrance oil and pure essential oil diffuser

5.Multi fragrance intensity choice

-Intelligent WI-FI App

-High Efficiency

-Environmentally Friendly

Arorah F80 Scent diffuser system is specilly designed for medium area like home ,office , shops ,hotel. The coverage area under 450m3. It takes use PP plastic shell,high strength and anti-corrosion material,lighter & smooth surface finished elegant design.

It uses advanced atomization technology to atomize the Essential oil into fog then powerfully and quickly diffuse to every corner.

Our machine has Phone APP remote control. mobile phone remote intelligent control ,anywhere ,anytime ,anywhere to control the fragrant environment .Innovative remote oil level detection system ,a machine in hand ,to ensure that the use of worry free. sg-11134202-23010-7dvpwwe0qwlve9

• No heat.

• No water.

• No ultrasonic.

• Refillable fragrance oil container.

• Being silent when it works.

• With air pump to improve diffusing scent smell.

• Suitable for various area from small to big.

• Friendly and easy maintenance and operation.

• With timer program, persistence, concentration setting.

• Environment protecting, can custom.

• Easy to replace the oil bottle and great smell.

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