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ARORAH Infinite Commercial Scent Diffuser Waterless Nebulizer Machine

ARORAH Infinite Commercial Scent Diffuser Waterless Nebulizer Machine

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For Large Area Built In Smart App Control

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Professional Aroma Scent Diffuser Machine Specification Model : Arorah infinite 

Rated voltage : 220V

Power : 12W Color :

Black Installation : tabletop/stand alone

Coverage : 500m2 Oil capacity : 1000ml

Consumption : 4.0ml/hA ±5% (continuous working)

Dimensions :



LED 3D Touch Screen: many customers don’t want other people to change their machine time program so we designed LED screen lock function. And this function will protect your machine very well Product advantage


1: NO life limit. Using brushless Electromagnetic pump, Avoid the traditional life limitation of brush pump.

2: Phone APP remote control. mobile phone remote intelligent control ,anywhere ,anytime ,anywhere to control the fragrant environment .Innovative remote oil level detection system ,a machine in hand ,to ensure that the use of worry free .

3: Amount of heavy fog. Spread the scent quickly.

4: Time memory function and Time setting. The time is set in seconds.

5: Gas liquid separation. Avoid traditional blockages.

6.It's eacy to connect with HVAC.


Fragrance spray technology limit,to ensure that every drop of pure fragrance diffusion ,instant direct .


Precision intelligent control of computer main control board.

Cloud intelligence support Intelligent timer program You can set the time according to your needs, Start working time, end working time and working time, pause time.

Flexible, easy to set up. Hand touch screen button, stylish and easy to operate.

Essential oil storehouse 1000ml essential oil capacity, change essential oil bottle from the side of the machine, it has a key for each machine make it safer and easier to use WIFI app control

You can download free Smart Fragrance from app store, available for both IOS and Android system mobile, once your scent diffuser machine binded with the App, you can control and change its working mode thousands miles away from home.

Also you will be aware of that there is an oil consumption indicator in the app, so as to indicate you whether your diffuser machine run out of oil or not. Our nozzle gain patent for invention .

Nozzle from other factories are easy to jam and need to clean,but our nozzle 95% will not jam as you can see below. sg-11134202-22120-bta1nna3xmlvb9

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