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ARORAH Car Nebulizer Ultrasonic Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser

ARORAH Car Nebulizer Ultrasonic Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser

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**Specially Designed For In Car Use**

**Device Will Only Work As Intended When The Engine Is Turned On**

Type 1

Mode 1(Purple Light) = 2 Seconds Work , 400 Seconds Pause.

Mode 2 (Blue Light) = 2 Seconds Work , 200 Seconds Pause.

Type 2

Mode 1(Purple Light) = 5 Seconds Work , 400 Seconds Pause.

Mode 2 (Blue Light) = 5 Seconds Work , 200 Seconds Pause.


Don't Worry, We've Got You Covered.

Our Machines Come With A Free 6 Months Warranty.



*Set With Machine Comes With 4 Free Essential Oils*

(Vs Angles, Sandal 33, Wild Bluebell, Bamboo)



6’s Standard Refill Set

- Wild blueberry

- Four Seazon hotel

- Chanel Bleu

- Vs angles

- Hermes

- Encounter

6’s Comment Set

Leave A Comment For Preferred 6 Scent In The List(Excludes Standard List Set)




LOCAL SG Ready Stocks Ships Out Next Working Day. 

Deliver Within 1-3 Working Days.

【Waterless &No Heat】

ARORAH waterless car essential oil diffuser adopts advanced cold diffusion technology, converting essential oil into micro-fine vapor Nanoscale particle, don does not need heat and water, easy for the body to absorb. No destroy oil chemical structure, No dilution of scent or not weaken your feeling, enjoy full aromatherapy.






【Unique Product Design】

This waterless automobile essential oil diffuser is our upgraded product. On the basis of the previous generation diffuser, we have not only upgraded the function but also made great changes to the appearance of the material, using aluminum alloy material, Our Wireless diffuser for essential oils was built-in 300mAh, can be charged by USB cable. It can work for up to 60 hours with the lowest modes when fully charged, very convenient to carry outside.




【Super Quiet】

Adopt the patented advanced air pump developed by us, According to our noise test, it was lower than 30db in the mid-night. This aromatherapy diffuser makes a few noises than the sound of water flow produced by an ultrasonic humidifier, will not distribute your sleep or work. The built-in ultrasonic quiet pump works runs noiselessly. You can hardly feel it when it’s working, whisper-quiet design ensures you'll feel relaxed in no time.





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